Guide to Logbook Loans

Guide to Logbook Loans Looking for easy finance? Or not getting loans from high-street lenders due to adverse credit rating? If you have your own car, it’s possible for you to easily get a loan despite a bad credit score. Many people have a history of poorly-managed credit in the past. They find it very […]

Personal Savings Allowance Explained

As a UK citizen, there are a number of ways you can manage your money. Banks offer a variety of accounts for customers to choose from. The most popular ones are current account and savings account. A current account provides the facility of deposit and withdrawal for day-to-day use. A savings account is slightly different. […]

Bank Accounts For Kids

Many parents like to keep money aside for their children’s future. If children are told about money and finances from a young age, they grow up to become responsible individuals and citizens. There are many ways you can collect money for your kids and one of them is by means of a bank account. Though […]

Personal Loan For Your Next Holiday

We all like to take a memorable holiday at least once in a lifetime. Be it going on a honeymoon or taking a world trip, travel puts our mind and body at ease. It’s not necessary that each one of us will have so much money saved up. And with exchange rates constantly fluctuating, we […]

Getting to Know Savings Accounts

A bank is a financial institution with which you can deposit and withdraw your funds as and when required. Banks in the UK offer various types of accounts to their citizens. Opening bank accounts are as easy as understanding how they work. Both just need a bit of patience and effort. UK citizens’ bank accounts […]

Mortgage- Types and FAQs

Mortgage- Types and FAQs If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re a first-time home buyer. The decision of buying a house is not a simple one. A house is a long-term investment and bought only after minutely considering your financial circumstances. As you may be a beginner in the process of buying your own […]