Best Loan Rates

Best Loan Rates

What are best loan rates?

All personal loans have a different rate of interest. Best loan rates are subject to a borrower’s credit rating. It too depends on loan term and loan amount too. The rate of interest will be less if the loan amount is higher. But if someone takes a small loan. the rate of interest will be little higher. A loan amount can be from  £500 to  £25000. And the APR varies from 6.7% to 3%. A rate of interest on Bad-Credit-Loans and unsecured personal loan varies from 5% to 38%. To get such rate of interest rates, a borrower can apply with lenders online or with credit unions or with a bank.

Loan Amount Rate
£1,000 – £1,999 3.12% APR
£2,000 – £2,999 3.89% APR
£3,000 – £4,999 3.17% APR
£5,000 – £7,499 3.49% APR
£7,500 – £15,000 2.17% APR
£15,000 – £20,000 2.18% APR
£20,000 – £25,000 2.28% APR
£25,000 and over 2.01% APR

Good APR for a loan:

Every citizen has a credit rating. Credit scores can be excellent, good, fair, poor and very bad. It has a range from 1-999. Where 1 is the least and 999 is the highest FICO score. The one who has got more FICO score gets good interest rate and the one who has got poor gets high rates. An APR depends on loan term as well. The rate of interest could be variable or fixed. An APR varies because of a variable or fixed rate of interest category. If a loan gets approved by some direct loan lenders, a borrower gets a good deal. But if it involves any broker or a middleman, it enhances the processing fee and extra charges. An Annual percentage rate is different for credit cards, personal loans, business loans. It varies on a home loan, car loan, a line of credit, secured and unsecured loan. So overall the best loan rates are directly proportional to a good credit rating.

Best Loan Rates

How to get best loan rates?

To get the best loan rates, one has to do a good market survey. that can be online too. One can visit offices of different lenders to check and compare the interest rates. A credit score is one of the most crucial criteria to get the best rate of interest. This is also to check, whether the loan is from a direct lender or a broker firm. Type of rate of interest is also an important factor. If it is variable or flexible rate then rate may seem to be less in the beginning but that may get higher in future. A fixed rate of interest remains the same. A loan amount may reduce or increase the rate of interest.

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