Bridging Loan

Bridging Loan

The most convenient, quick, secure and flexible loan you can have in the UK.

Are you looking for an amount anywhere from £10,000 to £2.5 million? Do you prefer a secured loan over an unsecured one? Well, it is understandable!

You could be an individual with an existing property or a valuable asset. It is possible that you have spotted a property to buy. It is also possible that you need quick funds to finance your business expansion or pay large tax bills. You could be the one with not too pleasant credit history. It is likely that you are not in a position to wait until you sell off your existing property.


We get it! We have the solution for you. It’s called a bridging loan or bridge finance.

Many of us have heard about loans against cars, homeowner loans, guaranteed payday loans and mortgages. We have also heard about loans against the property or other unsecured loans. So, how is this loan different from others types of borrowings?

As the term “Bridging” suggests, this loan acts as a bridge between two actions. An action of buying a new property, business expansions and selling an existing asset. You do not need to wait or sell off your existing asset to get funds in your account.

A bridging loan is a secured loan that one can receive within a matter of days. You can get this loan against your existing property or any other valuable asset. Unlike a mortgage, there is no fear of your property getting repossessed. Poor credit history does not stop you from getting this loan. You can choose to repay it back in full in up to 24 months or more.

Bridging Loan

How much can you borrow through a bridging loan?

The amount you can borrow depends on many factors. These factors could be the value of your existing property, loan to value ratio, etc.


Why should you go for a bridging loan, what are the advantages?

It is a secured loan. One does not need to go for high-interest unsecured loans.

You can get a bridging loan even if you are not able to prove a source of income.

This loan is a convenient option for people struggling to find a buyer for their existing property.

A mortgage on your existing property is not a challenge. You can still get a bridging loan.

Not only for buying a new property. You can also use a bridging loan to fund your business expansions.

Interest rates vary from customer to customer depending on various factors. Every customer gets the most suitable customised arrangement.

Customers get an option to pay back the loan amount in full in one go at a pre-decided date.


Contact your financial adviser today and find out more about a bridging loan.


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