Flight delay compensation

How Much Can You Claim for Long Delays?

Ever had to deal with delayed flights in your life?

If you are lucky, once or twice is tolerable but if you always experience it every time you travel by air, know that you can actually get claims for such inconvenience.

Compensation for delayed flights are available and there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the most out of these!

Compensation Variables

When looking at compensation for canceled  or delayed flights, two essential variables must be taken into considering. The number of kilometers traveled during the flight and the length of delay will dictate the amount of compensations that will be given. The Denied Boarding Regulation will apply once the traveler confirms booking and checks in right on time. If no check-in time is presented, the arrival of a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the flight’s original schedule is going to quality for claims for flight delays.

A Look at Specifics

Cancelled flights are a straightforward matter when seeking compensation. If you want to file claims for flight delays, the wait should be at least three hours. Based on circumstances of interruption, the passengers are entitled to different claims at 600, 400, 300 or 250 euros with facts considered. For instance, if the flight has been scheduled to travel below 1500km, then, the usual compensation is going to be 250 euros. For maximum of 600 euros, the length of flight must be over 3500km with over 4 hours of delay.

No More Time Wasted

One of the reasons why a lot of people who could seek compensation don’t even try is mostly because of the anticipated length of time involved in the process. While calculating the amounts owed from the distance and other relevant details, it could really be frustrating at times. Here, the best choice you’ve got is to rely on a professional company that will deal with your claim for flight delay on your behalf.

When you use these services, you can have the claims managed by our experts, taking the pressure off your shoulders. If done properly and carefully, you can be sure that you can get compensated in no time at all!

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