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Life Insurance No Health Check-Up – It’s Never Too Late to Get One

Most insurance policies require you to go to the doctor’s clinic and go through that much dreaded physical exam. But, who wants that anyway?

These visits are usually painful and slow processes. That is not to mention that laboratories used by most doctors take several days before results come out. If you are in need of life insurance at the soonest time possible, these few days might seem like eternity.

Good thing that you can now finally say goodbye to this time consuming and sometimes costly process because no medical life insurance is here to save you from the trouble!

What is Life Insurance without medical test?

Life insurance without medical exam is basically a special type of life insurance coverage which will not require the applicant to go through a medical exam as part of the underwriting process.


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Often, during the application for many types of life insurance, the applicant will need to meet with a paramedic or paramedical professional. During such meeting, the paramedic will raise several in-depth questions related to the person’s health. They will also commonly take a urine and blood sample from the life insurance applicant. These samples will then be tested for different health conditions which can be considered as risky for the insurance carrier.

For this reason, people who are suffering from health problems like diabetes and other similar serious conditions may not be qualified for what is called medically underwritten life insurance coverage.

Thankfully, a life insurance with no medical will make it easier for you to qualify for coverage. In addition, as there is no medical underwriting you have to contend with, this special type of policy can also be approved much faster than the medically underwritten policies. It means that a person who applies for this insurance coverage may have his or her policy approved in a matter of a couple of days or even less.

How no medical Life Insurance Works?

In many ways, a life insurance no health check-up policy works in the same way as the rest of the life insurance policies. For example, the plans are going to offer payment of death payment in return for the premium’s payment. However, the premium amount on this policy tends to be higher compared to one that requires a medical exam. This is because the applicants for this coverage are usually regarded as riskier on the part of the insurance company.

Don’t waste any minute! Grab the chance to get a life insurance no health check-up today and give yourself and your loved ones a big favor!


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